Advance Your Dental Implant Skills and Perfect Your Technique

Integrate dental implant solutions into your suite of services to improve patient loyalty and expand revenue opportunities. Whether you're a general dentist, an oral surgeon or a periodontist, you'll find a course tailored to your needs and interests.

The Most Comprehensive Courses in Dental Implants.

Our CE-accredited classes, led by industry leaders in single, double, and full-arch replacements, offer unparalleled learning experiences. All-On-X Masterclass and Implant 101 incorporate the latest techniques and tools in the field. Our programs are designed to empower you with the confidence to accurately diagnose, plan, and implement the patient-first implant dentistry model that has propelled these experts to the forefront of the industry.

We have tailored our classes to support practitioners seeking to increase their revenue and enhance their skills based on their current experience level. Whether you are a general dentist, an oral surgeon, or a periodontist, you will discover a course specifically focused on meeting your professional and business needs.

"This course covered every possible scenario during the surgery, including complications. This was a great learning experience!"
Jeannette R, Santa Ana, CA
"This has been an eye-opening experience, especially the technology aspect. I learned a lot!"
Stephanie Jade, Boston, MA
"Anyone who is ready to take their dentistry to the next level, this is an amazing course – I would highly recommend it."
"I love it! It opened up new ways to do dentistry, my way seemed archaic compared to what Dr. Simon Oh is doing."
Christopher Reev, Denver, CO

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Work with state-of-the-art technology and tools revolutionizing the field of implant dentistry.

From advanced imaging systems to cutting-edge surgical tools — the experience provided during our intensive programs empowers attendees to provide the best possible care for patients while helping differentiate themselves or their practice from others in the market. Our instruction team will guide you through every step of the process, sharing their knowledge and expertise to help you refine your skills and perfect your technique.

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