Learn from Leading Professionals in Dental Implant Replacements

Learn skills that you can apply immediately.

Our experienced faculty will instruct you to confidently diagnose, plan, and execute implant procedures for your patients from single implants to double arch replacement. We will help you acquire the skills and knowledge to provide patients with the best possible care, including advanced techniques for implant placement, bone grafting, and soft tissue management.

These tailored courses will differentiate you from competitors by enabling you to use the latest techniques and tools in the field, placing your practice at the forefront of implant dentistry and providing your patients with the best possible care.

Our intensive programs provide the opportunity to learn advanced implant techniques directly from our team of experts.

Learning directly from Dr. Oh and the entire instruction team will enable you and your practice to differentiate from the competition with patient-first insights and strategies focused on implant dentistry.

As an added benefit, all attendees and alumni will have the opportunity to network with other professionals via our alumni program.

Dr. Simon Oh

Instructor, All-On-X Masterclass

Dr. Oh is world-renowned for pioneering the most effective approaches to All-on-X surgery with his innovative and patient-focused approach. Learning from Dr. Oh directly will provide you with insights and experience that allow your practice to thrive.

Dr. Oh has over a decade of proven success, with countless satisfied patients and a reputation for excellence among his peers.

Dr. Jaun F. Gonzalez

Instructor, Remote Anchorage, All-On-X Masterclass

As one of the most experienced zygomatic and pterygoid specialists in the world, Dr. Gonzalez brings unparalleled expertise to the table. Gaining knowledge under his tutelage offers unique perspectives and skills essential for the prosperity of your practice.

With over 20 years of exceptional performance in the field, Dr. Gonzalez has a long list of content patients and is highly esteemed by fellow professionals.

Dr. Jaun F. Gonzalez
Dr. Sven Bone

Dr. Sven Bone

Instructor, Digital Workflows, All-On-X Masterclass

Dr. Bone’s expertise in restorative and implant dentistry, with a focus on prosthodontics, is second to none. Learning from him provides distinctive insights and abilities that are crucial for your success.

With over ten years of outstanding contributions to the field, Dr. Bone is renowned for his track record of patient satisfaction and high esteem among fellow professionals.

Dr. Donald Goudreau

Instructor, Implant 101

Dr. Goudreau excels in complex All-on-X full-arch procedures, incorporating a range of techniques including zygomatic, pterygoid, and lateral nasal wall implants. His exceptional skills in these areas provide a wealth of knowledge for those who learn from him, imparting distinct viewpoints and capabilities vital for enhancing your practice.

With a decade-long history of successful implant surgeries, Dr. Goudreau has a proven track record of innovative approaches in implantology, consistently achieving patient satisfaction.

Dr. Donald Goudreau